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10 “Did You Knows” About Window Tinting

1. “Did you know” Florida window tint can reduce your energy costs dramatically? Most people’s energy savings will pay for the tint in about 2 years. The annual savings can be as high as 47%.

2. “Did you know” window tint stops 99% of UVA and UVB rays? 74% of skin cancer cases were found on the driver’s side of the body.

3. “Did you know” window film can be a solution for glare? Many businesses and homes tint windows to reduce glare on TV/computer screens.

4. “Did you know” window tint can protect your home and business 365 – 24/7? Security film will strengthen and shatterproof your windows protecting against wind born debris and burglary while still protecting against UV and heat.

5. “Did you know” window tint will increase the curb appeal and interior aesthetics along with increasing the value of your home/business? Applying window tint is like putting a nice pair of sunglasses on your house™.

6. “Did you know” window tint offers privacy for your house? Window films come in many different shades. Many shades can offer 100% privacy during the daytime, and some films even give excellent privacy even at night.

7. “Did you know” all of the window tint SolarCraft Films offer have a residential Lifetime Warranty and an industry leading commercial warranty? When we apply window tint to your home or business you will never have to worry about it turning purple, bubbling, or replacing it.

8. “Did you know” the pro’s at SolarCraft Films have over 16 years’ experience each at installing and selling high quality window tint?’

9. “Did you know” we also offer lifetime warranty Automotive/ RV/ Boat tinting. We don’t only make homes/businesses look great!

10. “Did you know” by choosing SolarCraft Films, you get two GREAT LOOKING, background checked, licensed & insured window tint professionals to transform your home, office, or car into a thing of beauty and efficiency.