High Quality Residential, Commercial, and Automotive

Window Tint

Film Types Description


SunTek Films-

  • Infinity OP 20 – Specialty film for dyed glass applications such as “Sunroofs, trucks and Sport utility vehicles”. Semi-Reflective for higher heat rejection.
  • Standard Pro film– This pro line of film is perfect for someone who is on a budget but still wants a quality film that stops heat and UVA and UVB rays.
  • High Performance Window Film– Metallized Hybrid that rejects tremendous amounts of heat, and stops a ton of glare. This film was the “industry standard” for years.
  • Carbon– Carbon film gets its color from the element carbon. There is no dye used in its construction, making it a color stable film that comes with a lifetime warranty including fading and color change. It contains no metal, therefore it cannot interfere with the newer vehicles wireless technologies like Bluetooth, global positioning system, tire pressure sensors, and cellular phones.
  • CarbonXP – The latest in film technologies, the CXP film, is a nano hybrid carbon film with tremendous ultra-violet and infrared heat rejection. The CXP line of films, outperform the competition in almost every category.



Residential and Commercial Films

  • Dual reflective DS– The DRDS line of films have an elegant appearance with low reflectivity that does not affect your ability to see out of your home, but gives you very good privacy during the day. This film stops an extreme amount of heat and is perfect for the hardest hit areas of your home.
  • SYMPHONY DS– the SYDS line of films is great for stopping up to 79% of heat and keeping your home at a comfortable in the heat of the day.
  • ULTRA VISION DS– ULVDS is an ultra-high end spectrally selective film that is designed to stop high amounts of heat, without darkening your windows. It stops up to 85% of the heat entering your home or business, while keeping your view the same. It is the solution for anyone who wants to reduce heat while keeping the appearance of before.
  • SYLRDS– Is a perfect film for your business, it gives you a new clean contemporary look for your windows, while offering 72% of heat rejection and rejecting 99% of the ultraviolet light. It has low interior and exterior reflectivity while reducing fading on your flooring and products.



SolarGard Films

  • Armor coat security films– The SolarGard security film offers the best of both worlds, it offers protection from up to 80% of the sun’s harmful rays, while also protecting your home from the harsh Florida afternoon storms. This film has been installed on government buildings around the country, because of its high tensile strength, and its ability to reduce glass penetration in natural disasters.
  • DOW 995– Dow 995 is a silicone structural sealant that when paired with Armorcoat security film makes the window/film/frame a complete system. Adhering the film to the frame creates the ultimate barrier for your window to resist impact/high winds. Mandatory for security film applications on tempered glass.
  • TRUEVUE– TRUEVUE films provide the ability to moderate hot room temperatures while reducing your energy costs, and providing a substantial glare reduction stopping 82% of solar energy. Many shades are approved for low-e applications.
  • Stainless steel– The stainless steel line of film offers extreme heat rejection while providing minimal reflectance. This in turn allows for un-obstructed view of the buildings surroundings, while still stopping 99% of the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays.
  • Ultra-Low reflectance– The ULR series of films offer all the great benefits of window film, but with an ultra-low reflectivity to ensure the best look for your home or storefront. Excellent for retaining an inviting commercial first impression. It can make your windows appear more expensive than they are in reality.